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scratch that

My Dallas plans were thwarted, by my auto-mechanical negligence. I had a slow engine coolant leak, which I dealt with by refilling the coolant now and then... didn't seem like too much of a problem. Little did I know, my water pump was actually becoming dangerously loose, and the whole thing along with the timing belt pretty much went kabloowee, about a half-hour after I got on the road early this morning. That's the last time I let a minor problem go unfixed. Sadly, I think I said that the time before last. :( Anyway, I missed the standby flight I was registered for, and there were no more flights out today. We had to call the whole thing off. So I'm in Santa Cruz instead, for the next few days. I did get my car fixed, although it was expensive, and a big hassle, and I spent all day today wandering around Watsonville, mostly going in and out of the public library, reading books and waiting for them to get my car working so I could get back to Santa Cruz. It was frustrating, and disappointing considering my plans got cancelled, but it was also an adventure of sorts, and it did feel really good once I got safely back home. Having only gotten 4 hours of sleep last night (intending to sleep on the plane), the first thing I did of course was pass out. I slept from about 6:30-8:30pm, then ate dinner, and now it's 1:30am and I'm just starting to get sleepy again but not quite ready. Looks like I'm back on my typical non-school-term late schedule again. I should take this opportunity to mention that my New Years resolution this year has not in any way, shape, or form held up (aside from maybe the first week of January, during which I accomplished the miraculous feat of thorougly cleaning my shower). I guess I picked something a lot more challenging for me than last year.


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