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incompetent idiots

Ok, I hate to start a habit of bitching about things, but this is seriously fucked up.
For the past 3 weeks, my bastard mailman has not been delivering my mail!! It took me a while to figure this out; after I missed the first piece of mail that my insurance company swore they sent and didn't get to me, I was a little suspicious. But fine, I figured everyone makes mistakes... so I called them up and had them send it again.

Then, last week I happened to call a credit card company and check on my account balance. Sure enough, it was due this week and I had not received the bill. So I went and called my phone company, all my other credit cards, and my cellphone and checked all the due dates. All of the bills should have come already except maybe one. So I figured maybe there's a delay or something. Surely, the mailman isn't just wiping his ass with my mail instead of delivering it? What kind of paranoid crazy person am I to believe that the postal service has stopped functioning for me only?? So finally this week I decided to go down to the box and examine it. My suspicions were confirmed, they had a new sticker inside that has the name of one of my roommates, but not my name or my other roommate's name. Apparently, they started a new system where they don't deliver anything unless it matches the name on the sticker. And they also decided to put only one name per box, even if there are 3 or 4 people living there. What kind of moron came up with this idea?

I just called my apartment office, followed by the local post office and both of them confirmed this. Supposedly, somebody retired and the new mailman put the new stickers on so that he could do his job "by the books" instead of the old one who was too lazy to match the names. They told me that all my mail from the past month is being held at the post office--so naturally, I ask to drive down there immediately and pick it up. "Sorry, we can't do that. I'll take your name and call you back tomorrow." What? Give me my mail, you bitch! "We have a huge room filled with all the undelivered mail from people who have the same problem as you right now. We can't let you go through it, and the person who normally does the sorting is out today and will be back tomorrow. We'll call you when it's ready."

So let me get this straight... your whole mail room has been filling up with valid US mail that the postman REFUSES to deliver... and nobody noticed that this is odd or a problem??? Nobody figured out that more than one person live in some of these apartments? How long were they going to wait before telling me... or if I had never called would I just never get mail again? I hate incompetence, especially that of government workers. aaeeargghg!


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Jul. 2nd, 2003 10:56 am (UTC)
To clarify... the problem according to the apartment complex, is that the new mailman requested all the names from the computer database of who lives here to put on the stickers. But for some reason, the computers only store one name instead of all of the people on the lease. I guess whichever is listed first. But what amazes me is that whoever copied all these names down by hand onto the stickers, never noticed that one name per box is wrong. I'm not sure if this is one person's fault or just the whole beurocracy, but either way it is pretty damn retarded.
Jul. 2nd, 2003 11:12 am (UTC)
giving a whole new meaning to going postal
Jul. 2nd, 2003 07:06 pm (UTC)
Don't worry hon, all the mail I've sent you lately has been electron-based.
Jul. 7th, 2003 08:57 am (UTC)
Alright, this is just getting to be ridiculous. She told me last wednesday that I would definitely get a call back within 24 hours and could then pick up my mail.

Well, I was waiting all Thursday for that call but it never came. Unfortunately, I was occupied most of the afternoon, and when I looked at my watch it was already 6pm and they hadn't called. Which means I had to wait all 4th of July weekend to call them back... which I did today, Monday.

So guess what they tell me today? First off.. now, the lady I talked to last time is "out today". What, does a different person take off each day? So I had to talk to another lady. And this lady tells me it's not the post office's fault, it's all the apartment complex's fault. Then, I ask if I can finally PLEASE pick up my mail. And she said "we don't have your mail." I'm like... WHAT? And she says, "we don't hold mail if the name's not on the box, we return it to the sender." I told her that the other lady told me the exact opposite, and she said "oh... ok, I'll go look."

While she's looking I'm wondering, boy she must have a good memory if she remembered my name from the beginning and is now looking for it. Very atypical of an incompetant postal worker. But as it turns out, she wasn't really looking she was just faking it. She comes back and says "sorry, there's nothing there for you." Then she says "Let me get your name and I'll call you back once the mail carrier comes back, I'll ask him." So I give her my name, realizing she just admitted to lying about looking for my mail. Then she says "ok, good... I'll call you within an hour because I get off in less than an hour. bye."

Then I hang up... realizing now that she never even asked for my PHONE NUMBER. So how the fuck is she going to call me back? She was obviously just trying to get me off the phone as soon as possible. And if I call back they'll probably say she left for the day (at noon... I guess none of these people like to work much). Jesus christ, I am pissed.
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