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pictures from Canada

The architecture and aesthetics of the Perimeter Institute are unparalleled. I've included some pictures of both the outside and the inside of the building. There were blackboards and couches everywhere inside. There is even a giant blackboard on the wall (or should I say is the wall) in the Black Hole Bistro (the dining hall at the top floor of Perimeter) as you can see in one of the pictures. Even the thing that looks like a "smokestack" from the outside turns out to be 4 blackboards you can write on when viewed from inside (which you can see clearly in another picture).

I've included some pictures I took of the falls, one of which I couldn't help but photoshop just a little bit. And there's a picture of Castle Loma in Toronto, one of the only actual castles in North America (which apparently was used as a secret lab to develop anti-submarine radar at one point!). Sean and I also went to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Art Gallery, the first of which has some really unique looking architecture (almost as cool as Perimeter) but I'll have to get those pictures from Sean, as I forgot to bring my camera with me that day. T was very generous with lots of stuff, including letting us stay for a couple nights at her place before we could get into our dorm in Waterloo. She came with me to the Falls, and took me to a play called The Circle at the Shaw festival, and we had a spectacular evening in Niagra on the Lake.

This is the "smokestack" you can see on the outside:

Bet you can't guess who in this picture is a professor at Princeton (high energy theorists excluded from guessing):

Onlookers watched in awe as His noodly appendage graced us with His presence:

(click "view image" on any of them to see a larger version with more detail)

Two resolutions I made while in Canada: 1.) eat more Indian food, and 2.) go see more plays


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Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:05 am (UTC)
Neat architecture. Divine inspagettiration!
Aug. 22nd, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
:rofl: spaghetti monster.

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