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rainbow people

Here are some pictures I took of the rainbow that formed at Burning Man this year. (As if it wasn't enough of a miracle that it rained in the middle of the desert!) I think I can speak for most (if not all) who were present, in saying it was the most beautiful rainbow any of us have ever seen. Click for a picture of the full (double) rainbow, as well as one zoomed way in so you can see the brightness and depth of the colors better.

This wide picture of the full double-rainbow was pasted together from 3 separate shots I took with my camera (since there was no way to fit the whole rainbow into one shot). Notice the fainter rainbow on the outside. Both of them were visible all the way from one side of the earth to the other. I lined up the rainbow when putting them together, which makes the stuff on the ground not line up. An interesting effect which I think comes from the fact that the location of a rainbow in the sky depends sensitively on viewing location and viewing angle:

Just after taking the picture of the bus, I climbed up on it and took this picture, zoomed in to show the color depth:

The first picture, enlarged. These are the lovely queer ladies of camp Beaverton. They say God makes a rainbow, every time someone comes out of the closet. This was the biggest fucking rainbow I've ever seen! I'll leave it as an exercise for my readers to evaluate the truth or falsehood of this interpretation:

Here's a picture of the total lunar eclipse that I took, during which someone was lighting the man on fire. Unfortunately, it didn't come out very well:

Since my picture of the eclipse came out really sucky, here's a professional picture taken through a telescope to give you an idea of more what it looked like:

These were the only pictures I took at Burning Man this year. Yes, I went to what is probably the biggest art festival in the world, with all sorts of interesting, bizarre, and beautiful manmade structures, and ended up only taking pictures of the natural wonders that occured while we were there. Gotta love the irony.


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Sep. 10th, 2007 02:06 pm (UTC)

Do you ever see blood on the moon?
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