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inverted swing versus human gyroscope

For a long time I've had a human gyroscope at the top of my list of "stuff to buy if I ever can afford it" list. There is a lot of stuff I wouldn't buy, but some stuff I would absolutely have to have. Such as a human gyrosope. Although I'm re-evaluating that now due to practicality.

By human gyrosope I mean... one of those machines that has three connected circles which can rotate in different ways with a harness in the middle for a human to stand. You get in it and start moving your body in different ways, and before you know it you're flipping upside-down and around and all over the place! Supposedly it gives a pretty good workout to a whole lot of different muscle groups. And the few times I've been in one I've just loved it. So I've always wanted to have one in a backyard or something. The difficult part, though, is cementing it in and getting the whole thing stable.

But today I was thinking, regretfully, that I probably will never want to own a house. Unless I'm raising kids, I really can't see wanting to live in the same place for more than a year or two. Which means I'm going to have to forget about ever having a gyroscope :( But then it crossed my mind that there are a lot simpler things I might be able to build which would be more portable. For intsance, a simple harness which hangs from the ceiling or a beam or a tree-branch. That would at least allow me to hang upside-down and swing back and forth in a variety of different ways while I'm thinking. I really hate just pacing around or sitting because I end up fidgeting, and all my muscles that aren't moving or twisting feel like they are atrophying. That just bugs the hell out of me.

yay, I seem to be in a posting mood this month.


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