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Ok, the LA thing just didn't work out, for several reasons. Bad timing, late planning, and she wanted to keep it to a max of 2 days which meant one day of driving followed by an evening of entertainment followed by another day of driving... not that worth it from my perspective. Now since I will be in the bay area tomorrow, I've decided to try and make it to at least the end of the Seasteading meetup, and to Kinky Salon. I'd really like to hearpatrissimo's "Libertarian Stupidity" talk but unfortunately that would mean getting up pretty early in the morning (takes at least 4 hours for me to get from my house up to San Fran by public transit and this is Berkeley which is a bit further) and I'm just not a morning person. But I will at least be there for some of the socializing. Also meeting up with ikioi between Seasteading and Kinky Salon for hanging out... had a wonderful time catching up with him and discussing/arguing about philosophy of mind earlier in the week.

From http://www.meetup.com/sfbay-seasteading/messages/5622301/:

Hello seasteaders!

Because we have the space to ourselves for the March Social, we've decided to add in a bit of content and special meetings for those who are interested. We'll be covering some specific areas of interest and Patri will be giving a talk/rant on Libertarianism, so if you're curious about Sailing, Ocean Engineering, or why Libertarians are dumb, we hope you'll come out and join us.

Here's the Schedule:
* 12pm Socializing
* 1pm Libertarian Stupidity - A talk by Patri Friedman
* 1:15pm - Introduction of Sailing Club and Ocean Engineering
* 1:20pm - Sailing Club meeting for interested members, socializing for others.
* 1:50pm - Ocean Engineering meeting for interested members, socializing for others.
* 2:20pm - Socializing


Liz Lacy
Director of Development
The Seasteading Institute


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Wish I had time to say more, or to read this week's lj friends posts (I skimmed a little bit but that's about the best I can do until I'm not rushing from one thing to the next anymore.) Happy springtime everyone! And all are of course encouraged to show up to one or both of these events tomorrow and say hi.


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