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meant to post this a long time ago

obligatory loftmate plug... here are some videos of him interviewing Dossie Easton, legendary coauthor of The Ethical Slut, or as some call it "the polyamory bible"

Dossie Easton interview by Reid Mihalko, part 1:

Dossie Easton interview by Reid Mihalko, part 2:

Dossie Easton interview by Reid Mihalko, part 3:

If all goes well, he will soon be hosting a new [*** (cable network)] show on open relationships, although last I heard they are still battling it out over what the title will be. I've already seen a trailer for it, and it looks like a reality TV show I might actually watch... don't think it's online anywhere yet though. Goodbye closet underground movement, hello mainstream!! I hope we will all be saying that soon.

Coming soon: Europe pics, belief poll #2, my critique of David Chalmers' arguments (and whole worldview) that I'm still writing out, more political topics arising from recent 5-on-1 debate with my extended family, coming out as poly. Don't know if I'll get to all of these, but hopefully most of them now that I have more time to write (in principle).

Oh, and I finally met gustavolacerda. Enjoyed hanging out with him for the few hours we spent together... I think he and amanda42 were possibly the first 2 people I added on lj back in 2003 when I first signed up, based on an interest search. He's lived in an aweful lot of different countries since then, but we finally happened to be in the same town for an overlap of about 2 days. Loft-warming party tomorrow with lots of good people coming over; lots of other parties approaching over the next month. Oh, and I got a job for the month of August, doing another project for my adviser. I suppose all this really does is delay the time it will take to find a more permanent job even longer, but at least in the meanwhile the recovery will hopefully be getting a little tiny bit further along.

[** I'm removing the name just in case this isn't supposed to be public yet]



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