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back from Burning Man

In case you were wondering why I haven't posted in a while, well... Burning Man. Takes up a lot of time for a couple weeks beforehand planning, and then complete loss of communication during the week in the desert. Got back Tuesday night, but for the past 3 days I've been scrambling to catch up on email, work, and other things. Haven't even started to unpack my bags yet, they're literally still just sitting where I left them when I walked in the door! Will work on that this weekend.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who was a part of it, and sorry I missed you to everyone who was there whose camp I didn't make it by to (or whose camp I made it by and didn't find you!)

This was my 5th year, although I skipped last year and camped with a different camp this year... plus I stayed in an RV instead of a tent. So it was different in many ways from years past, and yet the same in the important ways. I remember in 2006, somebody told me their reason for going to Burning Man was "reset". Basically, hit the reset button on life, and come back refreshed and relaxed. Def feeling that way! It's a nice breath of fresh air that I needed, away from what has become somewhat monotonous here.

For some reason after getting back, I've found myself fantasizing about starting a band or creating some kind of music and putting it online. Used to think about that a lot as a kid but forgot about it. Before I left I was thinking I wanted to take an acting class at some point, and I'll probably still do that when I get around to it, but I hadn't realized how much I kind of want to create some kind of music. In all practicality, knowing myself it would probably have to be a 1-person project because I have so few friends who share my musical tastes precisely enough. But then again, who knows? This is probably one of those ideas that sounds great right now but will never happen, I know =) I also want to finish my book and create Youtube videos with me ranting about stuff. But maybe I could get more into Youtube and that would be a nice compromise between creating music and rants... it would be a step toward both.

What was Burning Man actually like this year? Maybe I'll get to that in another post, for some reason right now I'm fine just noting what thoughts I have about where to go from here now that I'm back. Honestly, that was a big reason for going for me... I felt really "stuck" like I couldn't see what's supposed to come next in my life or what I'm really about. But slowly things are starting to coalesce more in my mind now that it's refreshed.


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Sep. 11th, 2010 03:45 am (UTC)
I think some drugs (used judiciously of course) have the same "reset" function.

Awesome, though. I hope to go to Burning Man someday.
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