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I try hard to believe that everyone is honest and that there isn't some sinister conspiracy going on to deceive people. But this video of how the organization American Majority trains Tea Party activists to use deception as a weapon to control information on the net scares the shit out of me and makes me wonder if I'm just naive:

(via mzflux

From what I've gathered from the conservatives I've spent time around, most of them would indeed be more liberal if they only picked up a book or two and tried to understand more of the facts. But there is this general unspoken belief that conservatives have that reading is bad, that knowledge is bad, that if you have to stoop to actually reading a book rather than just knowing the conclusion is wrong because it disagrees with your gut feeling... then you are weak willed, or lack faith in the cause, or lack good intuitions or the ability to make snap judgements.

What scares me even more is that it's possible there are liberal or leftwing groups who are doing exactly same thing--although it seems to fit less with liberal values than conservative values to feel ok about yourself in doing such a thing. If both sides are doing it, then basically we're really fucked. Nobody is actually reading books any more, or listening to arguments. They're just pulling out their muskets and blowing away whatever words the other side has to say.

American Majority, what a creepy organization.

This is a clip from a new documentary called Astroturf Wars, that I look forward to watching as soon as I get a chance. It's about the practice of political "astroturfing"... when corporations or other elite powers use their money, power, and influence to stage a grassroots revolution like the tea party movement. I knew that the CIA did something like this in places like Iran, for instance, to overthrow the democracy there and install a more US-friendly monarchy... but it's interesting to wonder whether something vaguely similar is going on to overthrow congress and the Obama administration here in the US. Interestingly, American Majority was launched in large part due to financial backing from David H Koch, an oil tycoon. Oil was also the motivation for the Iran coup.


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