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Susskind and Bousso's latest paper

Man, I really wish I had time to read this it looks very interesting. But so ballsy and seemingly "too good to be true" that it's probably wrong. They're basically arguing that the String Theory multiverse (also known as the Cosmic Landscape, or the megaverse, or the eternal inflation multiverse, or simply the multiverse to string theorists) is the same thing as the regular old quantum multiverse that's been around for so many years!

Leaving for Madrid in 3 days. Then Barcelona, Paris, Rome. Lots of packing to do!

The Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Authors: Raphael Bousso, Leonard Susskind
(Submitted on 19 May 2011)


"We argue that the many-worlds of quantum mechanics and the many worlds of the multiverse are the same thing, and that the multiverse is necessary to give exact operational meaning to probabilistic predictions from quantum mechanics. Decoherence - the modern version of wave-function collapse - is subjective in that it depends on the choice of a set of unmonitored degrees of freedom, the "environment". In fact decoherence is absent in the complete description of any region larger than the future light-cone of a measurement event. However, if one restricts to the causal diamond - the largest region that can be causally probed - then the boundary of the diamond acts as a one-way membrane and thus provides a preferred choice of environment. We argue that the global multiverse is a representation of the many-worlds (all possible decoherent causal diamond histories) in a single geometry. We propose that it must be possible in principle to verify quantum-mechanical predictions exactly. This requires not only the existence of exact observables but two additional postulates: a single observer within the universe can access infinitely many identical experiments; and the outcome of each experiment must be completely definite. In causal diamonds with finite surface area, holographic entropy bounds imply that no exact observables exist, and both postulates fail: experiments cannot be repeated infinitely many times; and decoherence is not completely irreversible, so outcomes are not definite. We argue that our postulates can be satisfied in "hats" (supersymmetric multiverse regions with vanishing cosmological constant). We propose a complementarity principle that relates the approximate observables associated with finite causal diamonds to exact observables in the hat."


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May. 21st, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
If I weren't almost entirely exhausted, I'd be poring over this right now.

Oh, Susskind, you never cease to provide!
Jun. 10th, 2011 12:17 am (UTC)
all knowledge is of an approximate character
Susskind doesn't like approximation.
I do. www.robert-w-jones.com
Russell wrote a book on the subject
"Human Knowledge"

Finite beings like humans can only
have approximate knowledge of things.
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