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Black always used to be my favorite color when I was little. I liked its elegance and beauty, and also its passivity. Smooth, sleek, and sophisticated. I liked that it stood out to me above all the other colors as being unique, and also solid and rigid. Not busy and ugly and bright and gaudy like most of the colors. Some people don't even consider black a color and I guess that's true in a way, but I still always liked the way it looks on clothes etc. I've always liked rainbows too because they sort of encompass all the colors not putting one above others.

But recently I've developed a partiality towards green. I'm not sure when it started, I guess thinking back I've always really liked green. I'm a mild cognitive synesthete which means I see numbers and symbols and concepts as having innate colors associated with them (among other things). I've always associated green with a sense of self, and with the concept of God (even though I don't believe in any literal god, the concept still has a color to me).

Anyway, I was reluctant to start calling green my favorite color because it doesn't posses the blatent superiority over all other colors that black does. However within the past month I've rethought this as well and I realize that in some ways it does. There are three types of cones in the human eye, one which is best stimulated by low frequency light, one for mid-range frequencies, and one for high frequencies. They're known as Rho, Gamma, and Beta receptors which is short for red, green and blue. Green is the middle of the middle range so pure green is the best for stimulating the Gamma receptors. I think that's the kind of green I really like. Furthermore, I realized something else about green. The spectrum of visible light ranges from 700nm to 400nm in terms of wavelength, or about 400THz to 750THz (the 400THz corresponding to 700nm and the 750THz corresponding to 400nm). Therefore, there is one and only one frequency right in the middle, for which the wavelength in nanometers is exactly equal to the frequency in TeraHerz. This frequency is 547.5THz (or 547.5nm). This is pretty close to pure green, although depending on what source I find on the net sometimes it looks like it's a little toward the yellow side. But not enough yellow in it to notice. Anyway, this does a lot to easy my reservations about green not having the same meta-significance above other colors that black does. I'm at least willing now, to list 547.5nm light as my favorite if I'm not allowed to pick black. And you've got to admit, after all... it is a pretty color :)


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