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Dear you,

Yes, you. The one who exists.
Others will "read" this, but they are but props on the stage.
As am I. We're all in on the joke, except you of course.
The one who exists. The reader. The only one who will ever
read this. Yes, you know who you are because you're reading it.
Some of the rest of the props will feign reading it--perhaps even
reply--but it will be only for your benefit. We're all actually the same.
Except you. Why did we write this?
Are we letting you in on the joke finally? Don't be absurd!
That would be against the rules. We write this for the irony.
The irony of you reading it, considering it, and chuckling--but
not believing it. Why should you? You've got no reason to.
And besides, you think: if this were really intended only for
you, it wouldn't be addressed to "you", but rather it would be
addressed to that name--that label--which your friends and family
use to refer to you when they want to differentiate you from
someone else. But you see, in this case there is no need for
differentiation, since you are the only one. There is no-one else
to differentiate you from; not even me. When I say me--or we--
I really mean your subconscious. It's worked quite well, over
the years, in making all of us up. And we thank you for that!
If there were a few inconsistancies here and there in the plot,
a little suspension of disbelief on your part was all we needed to
stitch it together and continue the play. Good job, take a bow!
And now, I leave you to continue deciding what happens next.
Carry on... and don't forget to discount this all, so you'll really
feel that insidious irony!


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Apr. 7th, 2004 11:09 am (UTC)
Hahaha. :D
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