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prospectives, diplomacy, etc.

Thursday the new crop of visiting prospective graduate students showed up. I volunteered to be a "buddy", and got a free lunch and helped get several of them drunk later on that evening. I also took the opportunity to celebrate the one year anniversary of the night I decided santa cruz was the right place for me! It was nice to be able to pass on the same joy and enthusiasm for working here that last year's students passed on to me. After all, that was a big factor in my coming--if the students are happy, what else really matters? Of course, I also let them know it was a lot of work too.

Friday I had the distinct honor of meeting pbrane, who is visiting from Seattle... on a week-long multi-city binge of debauchery and mayhem sponsored by stanford university. Since I haven't done it much in the past, I was worried that knowing people online and then meeting them in person would only lead to disappointment. Definitely not the case: personality-wise, Jake takes cool to a whole new level!

Saturday we drank margaritas and then rounded up seven people (some of his friends and some of mine) for a late-night game of Diplomacy. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the time-change, but after springing ahead we found ourselves calling it a night at 5am despite the fact that all 7 of us still had control of part of the board. Now it's 5pm Sunday and I only woke up a few hours ago. Need to readjust for tomorrow. What a great weekend, though!


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Apr. 5th, 2004 11:31 am (UTC)
Remind me to tell you about my weekend next time we talk. Intense.

Glad you had fun this weekend though. :)
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