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falling behind, moving, funding

I'm starting to fall behind again on my work. As well as on livejournal. I'm down to glancing at it once or twice a week.

I found a new place to live, and I'm moving in three weeks. Rent will go from $850/mo. down to $500/mo. And I'll have 4 housemates to keep me company.

I've been trying to find work for the summer. For a while it was looking pretty dismal. Usually the physics department has extra money left over from the prospective grads that don't accept. But this year we were targetting to get 10 new students and instead 17 of those mf'ers accepted! Perhaps we shouldn't have been quite so charming when they visited... that means there's no money left over for us unless we can find something on our own. But yesterday I made some progress, it looks like there's a good chance I'll get something, probably at SLAC. I might have to move to Palo Alto, and sublet the place I just found... but that's fine by me.

Oh, and one more thing: my ISP decided to shut off my internet. I've been getting it free for 7 months though, so I really can't complain. The question is whether I can live for the next 3 weeks without it or if I should try to set it up and then cancel it when I move. Argh, why couldn't they have waited one more month to end the trial period? Or at least told me ahead of time it was ending?


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Apr. 22nd, 2004 12:55 pm (UTC)

btw, didn't know you were interested in experimental particle. thought you were a heavy duty theorist.

Not interested in it long term. But Haber suggested I do it this summer, that's what he did his first summer in grad-school and it was valuable experience. Plus, the TA'ing list was already full and I've got to make money somehow. (You need QFT to do any particle theory work so that's out of the question yet.)

i find you and luke very entertaining. :) you looked kinda like a nutty professor on the couch, crouched up with your book, pouring over it. and then like a kid in a candy shop, pointing out every little new thing you found.

hmmm.. :) thanks, I think.
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