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new dream

I woke up yesterday at 4am in a hotel room in Reno, Nevada. The phone was ringing, drilling into me and wiping away the remnants of my dream which I struggled to hold on to.

As I opened my eyes and reached over to take the phone off the hook, I tried to remember what I was dreaming about. It was extremely pleasant, yet powerful and scary at the same time. I had been dreaming that the world was coming to an end. And I was one of a handful of people scattered across the globe who were working on stopping it. For some reason, we all had to do it on our own, there was no collaboration. If any of us succeeded then we could save the earth. Only if we all failed would it be lost. But the closer I got, the weirder it got. I was slowly coming to understand what force it was that was threatening to destroy us. The dream was kind of vague, they were some sort of intelligent beings, but they had no form... I'd almost call them aliens, but that's not quite right. I think they were from another universe entirely, not even made out of matter or energy. But somehow they were starting to overlap us and engulf us, draining consciousness itself. As I got closer to the answers that I needed, I started reading reports in the news that the others were giving up, one by one. Not because they realized it was impossible, but for some other reason nobody understood. They all refused to comment. Finally, after months of working on it I finally started arriving at the answers all at once. I developed some sort of connection with these alienesque entities, and started realizing what was happening. It hit me all of a sudden, the world wasn't ending as everyone thought. It was just transforming into another, more beautiful form. Undergoing some sort of phase transition that would end life "as we know it" but leave something in its place so much better that nobody would ever look back or care about what had come before. It was all going to happen in a matter of days. And along with the knowledge of what it was, I now knew exactly what I needed to do to stop it. Only I no longer wanted to stop it. These alienlike things entrusted me with their secret and opened themselves up to be vulnerable. All it would take is a simple action on my part, but I decided no matter what happened I would do nothing. I was giving up. I was going to let it happen. And I now understood what the others went through and why it had to happen.



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Jul. 17th, 2004 04:33 pm (UTC)
If this was true that would be cool.

I usually try to relate dreams to what is going on in that person's life. I somewhat believe that the brain tries to tell you about your life in symbols. For instance perhaps in real life you have been working on a major research project, hence the working individually to solve this problem in your dream. You study physics right and work with a lot of theory? Well your dream leaves me asking the question "what is the meaning of life, of this world?" Doesn't physics try to kind of answer this question? Maybe your dream is telling you that really, it's not important to find that answer (perhaps it isn't eveb possible to find that answer in school). Are you wanting to do something really ambitious like discover something? If so, the dream could be saying what you are striving to do in your field of study isn't really important. Maybe the dream is saying you should change your intent, focus, or goal regarding something big in your life (I'm just using your field of study as an example). The dream is saying that you should let whatever is going to happen, happen and not try to change it. But it also gives a reassuring thought that you aren't going to try to stop whatever is going to happen.

Or it could be some sort of entertainment from your brain or remnants of a movie recently seen.

I don't know, I'm starting to confuse myself. But that is an interesting dream. I've had dreams about the earth ending, but nothing that profound.
Jul. 17th, 2004 07:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the interp.

I haven't really been doing that much research lately, my advisor took a break so I've been slacking off a bit. But there have been lots of other things going on, I'm seeing this girl now, so it's likely that may have factored into it.

I think you're probably right about the style/setting of it coming from my line of work. But my interpretation (based on how I felt when I woke up, but not necessarily correct) is that the changing world was symbolic of my changing self... I think there's a lot of ways I'm letting myself change, and afraid that the old me is dying. And maybe, my dream means it's best to just let it happen. But I am hesitant about trying to interpret my own dreams since I'm already biased--I like to get fresh outside opinions.
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