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All day yesterday, I and 6 other people helped Adrienne move out of her old place and into her new one. She has more random stuff than anyone else I know... boxes and cabinets and drawers and containers all filled with strange and beautiful things which I don't even know the names of, but which I lump under the broad category "art supplies". It took about 6 truckloads to get most of her stuff moved over. After 8 hours of work, we called it quits and decided to leave the rest for another time!

After such a day, I normally would have done nothing other than go home and fall asleep, however the seductive lure of Patti Smith's soothing and uplifting voice was too much to keep me away from the Catalyst last night. I'd been waiting to see her for months, but I forgot until a couple days ago that it was coming up so soon. Anyway, it goes without saying that she was unbelievable live. My only complaint was that the crowd could have been a lot more into it. She certainly didn't hold anything back, being the sexiest and most energetic and angst-filled 58-year-old girl in the world! One fun thing she said between songs included: "Yesterday was H.P. Lovecraft's birthday. He's done celebrating, but I'm not! This one goes out to mr. howard phllips lovecraft". As well as several heated rants about Iraq and the crappy way we've been handling global politics.

Yesterday I also got my official notice that we're being kicked out of our house. Not for anything we've done, we were apparently "the best tenants she's ever had." It's just being sold for $750,000 to someone willing to pay the price. It's been a good house to us, but it doesn't seem fair that it will be going into the hands of a family who can't possibly use it as it was meant to be used (as a party-central bachelar pad). We plan to throw one last shindig before our 30 days is up so as not to go gently into the night. And in the meantime I've invited Adrienne over today to hop in the hot-tub so we can get fair use out of that before it's gone as well. In a month, it looks as though homelessness is my destiny unless I can scrounge up a place to move to real quick.


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