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guerilla drive-ins

Was going to stay home tonight, but randomly got invited to a guerilla drive-in movie. Sounded interesting so I figured I'd check it out. Way cool; they're becoming all the rage these days, apparently; the New York Times did a story on it last month, as well as slashdot, and now it's starting to spread to other towns besides ours. Somehow I didn't even hear about it till tonight though. They played Run Lola Run on the wall of a huge warehouse building for anyone to watch. The cops have tried to bust it a few times, but apparently now they've got some kind of truce with the police. Next time they're going to show Dr. Strangelove.

After the guerilla drive-in, we headed over to a "Talk Like A Pirate" party--in celebration of international Talk Like A Pirate day, which is coming up soon (Sept 19th). Don't know why they had it early, but it was fun. Lots of rum, eyepatches, pirate hats, treasure, limes, and tiki torches galore. As seems to be the case now at any Santa Cruz social event, ran into a zillion people I knew. (Ran into ppl at the drive-in too, although less.) So I tried to round up more people there to come to our party tomorrow night. We decided to have not one, but two big bashes before our house gets completely shut down. Meanwhile, the apartment hunt has NOT been going well. We thought we'd found the perfect place, but a bunch of undergrads just before us snatched it up. Then several other places fell through. Agggh. Need to be out in just 3 weeks, and I've got nada lined up! Plus, I have to take qualifying exams in 2 weeks--which are kind of a big deal. This is the year I really need to pass them, since I just took all the classes and they're fresh in my head. (This is the reason I'm skipping Burning Man this year (yet again)--hopefully, the prospect of finally attending next year will be enough incentive for me to pass all of them now.)


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Aug. 28th, 2004 08:49 am (UTC)
I was once wandering the UVA campus at 3am and stumbled upon a gurilla showing of "the graduate" on the wall of a building. It was awesome.
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