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a letter to my parents

I've been dreading for a long time finding out what my parents' opinions are on this election. Suspecting the worst, but holding on to the hope that maybe they'll see Bush for what he is. Unfortunately, they sent me two emails in a row this week. The first saying "you should be proud that the two best speakers at the RNC were Zell Miller and Arnold Schwarzenegger, governors of the two states you've lived in" and the second being a link to why Alice Cooper thinks it's bad for bands to be political and why they're "treasonous morons" for speaking out against Bush, with the email subject "morons". (nevermind that Cooper is being just as political by making such a statement). Are my parents that desparate for a Bush spokesperson that they need to appeal to Alice Cooper to get me to like him? What the fuck? I'm sure they've never even listened to his music! I ought to send them some of his necrophelia tracks to try on for size.

This confirmed my greatest fears, so I spent a while writing an email response to them on why I think they should hate Bush too, even if they aren't going to vote for Kerry.

So please let me know if I left anything big out (specifically, anything that might sway staunch Republicans into questioning Bush's policies). Here is the letter I sent them last night:

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 11:54:34PM -0400, gerald l jones wrote:
> http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=40127

Between this and the comment in the last email about the RNC, I
take it you're backing Bush for this election.

I can't say I know much about Kerry or like him at all really, but I am
very disappointed to hear that anyone I know would support someone like Bush
after all he's done in office.  He's thrown more of the taxpayers' money down
the toilet than any Democrat could dream of.  He's embarrassed the US in front
of the world by going around attacking sovereign nations and bullying (and
ultimately, ignoring) the UN.  He's been the best recruiter the radical
fundamentalist Muslims have ever had, by giving them something real to hate
in America for a change.  He's terrorized his own citizens with Draconian
laws like the Patriot act which take away the very freedoms he's supposed to
be defending.  He's aggressively advocated rewriting the constitution to take
away the right to marriage for a substantial fraction of the country's
citizens.  He banned stem-cell research, which offered hope to cancer
patients, diabetics, muscular dystrophy, and heart attack sufferers.  He
routinely distorted or ignored reports given to him by his scientific advisors
on emergency contraception, the environment, and other science issues and has
been strongly admonished and condemned by some very knowledgable and respected
people in the scientific community for such abuses:

As you know, I've always voted Libertarian in the past.  I think Democrats
and Republicans are usually about equal in their willingness to take away
our liberties, which is why I don't like voting for them.  But Bush is a grave
exception, and this election I think it may be worth voting for Kerry,
because I would never be able to live with myself if a monster like Bush
got elected again and I didn't help stop it.  I'd urge you to do the same,
but I know you dislike Democrats more than I do and could probably not
stomache voting for Kerry at all.  So I would at least hope you don't feel
all that happy voting for Bush and stop spreading propaganda around for
his campaign.  I think the only way I'll vote Libertarian again this year is
if I am sure Kerry is safely enough ahead in the polls that everyone else will
do the job of knocking Bush out.



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Sep. 6th, 2004 02:21 pm (UTC)
great article - that's exactly the kind of thing your parents should read, jeff!
Sep. 6th, 2004 04:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'll send it to them when the time is right.

I had copied my sister on the original email... and she called today to debate it. She's with me that Bush is a terrible president, but I sensed that she's probably going to vote for him anyway. :(

She claims that Kerry has admitted to raping and murdering women and children in Vietnam.

I told her "everybody over there murdered in Vietnam, that's the whole point of war." I wonder if the rape allegation could be true, that sounds pretty despicable even if it was commonplace or ordered of him. But I doubt there is any hard evidence for what she thinks he admitted to. We agreed that some of our information about things could be very filtered by where we live, me in a very liberal segment of northern california, her in Dallas, Texas.
Sep. 6th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
Kerry never admitted to any atrocities in Vietnam - what his 'nam critics are pissed at him about is that he reported to the Senate that he had *heard* first-hand accounts of other soldiers saying that they had raped and murdered and killed civilians indiscriminately, etc. *He* did not do these things, nor did he even witness them, he merely reported what hearsay, because the Senate inquiry asked him about this (back in the early 70's), but apparently it's considered Betrayal of your Fellow Soldiers to make the military look bad by reporting this kind of thing, and it made him a lot of enemies.

Tell your sister she's full of crap about the rape and murder (he killed Viet Cong *soldiers*, but that's not the same thing as "murder" - murder is like when you kill a POW who's already captured, or kill a civilian on purpose, etc...), unless she can point you to a *reputable* source on that. Not the "Swift Boat Vets for Lies and Character Assassination".
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