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more wacky paper titles

On Monday, pbrane was down here for David Kutasov's Fun with Tachyons lecture. I remember reading something Carl Sagan wrote about how funding is so scarce in particle physics in particular because from the limited view of the public, what goes on at particle accelerators is akin to a zany episode of "Nerds Gone Wild", where a bunch of guys in lab coats run around smashing stuff together for the fun of it. For all they know, it has no relevance to anything in their life, so why can it matter? Titling talks like this probably does us a lot more harm than good :( But it's the only entertainment we've got, so give us a break!

Later on in the evening, we ended up trying to come up with more silly paper titles with double meanings over some margaritas. pbrane drew my attention to Eva Silverstein's gems, such as Decapitating Tadpoles, to add to my list of outrageously creative physics paper titles. Kutasov mentioned kinks a couple times in the lecture which got me thinking about how to incorporate that into something. We tossed around a few ideas, but the one I think I like the best didn't hit me till I laid down to go to sleep that night:

Kinky SUSY models with tiny gstring
pronounced "Kinky Susie models with tiny g-string". Now, if I could just learn what kinks are enough to write a paper on it, I'll be quite pleased.

In other news, I'm finally starting to not suck as bad at Ultimate frisbee. I've figured out now how to get open enough so that people will pass to me... the downside is, people are actually starting to pass to me which has resulted in me finding out the embarassing truth: that I am almost completely incapable of catching a disc! Nevertheless, I managed to accidentally score two points and had a lot of fun.

[Postscript: Oh, geez. This must have been a long time ago, but I just now noticed cocacolaaddict's response to my earlier poll; lol, this is perhaps the most ridiculous title ever: Deconstructing Noncommutativity with a Giant Fuzzy Moose]


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