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The Dark Matter Rap

Last quarter I helped TA an astro class called "Overview of the Universe." At the very end, we played a video of The Dark Matter Rap written and performed by David Weinberg, a friend of the professor's. The students loved it so much some of them asked if we could put a copy of it online for them to download. Unfortunately, it was just a VHS tape, but the prof said he'd see if he could get it converted. I just happened to pass him in the hall yesterday and I asked if anything ever came of it. He said no, but mentioned that there was a place to download the audio in mp3 format. So while I'm listening to it again, I might as well link to it for all to enjoy:

The Dark Matter Rap: A Cosmological History for the MTV Generation

The lyrics are included in the Appendix of this paper. From the start of the appendix:

9. Appendix: The Dark Matter Rap

I composed "The Dark Matter Rap: A Cosmological History for the MTV Generation" in the fall of 1992, and I first performed it at the Institute for Advanced Study Tuesday Lunch on December 8 of that year. I have avoided circulating the lyrics in the past mainly because I think the piece (I hesitate to call it a "song") is much more fun to hear or to see performed than it is to read. However, by now I've performed it ad sufficient nauseam that a good fraction of its potential international audience has heard it at least once. Since I did close my conference summary with it and could probably never find a more appropriate opportunity to publish the text, I have decided to include it here.

Since this is just the audio without the video, picture a lanky early-30's researcher with a beard and a black baseball cap with a silver Ω on the front... dancing and using wild hand gestures while he raps.


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Feb. 12th, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC)
Word up to my cosmologist peeps.
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