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Done with finals week, and I'm starting to notice the difference between day and night again. My supersymmetry talk was a spectacular success, I think I really impressed Joel Primack, and maybe even taught him a few things he didn't know about SUSY in the process. I got a lot of positive feedback from people afterwards. On top of that, I managed to slip in a stick figure drawing of Big Gay Al and friends on my last slide, singing "I'm Super! Thanks for asking."

My QFT presentation didn't go quite as smoothly. Well, the presentation itself was fine, it's just that I didn't have time to check over my calculations beforehand since I was working right up till the last second, so I ended up having to patch up a lot of errors on the board as I was presenting it. But miraculously, after tweaking a few constants at the suggestion of Howie Haber I got it to work out exactly right before the end of the presentation. Although some changes I still need to propagate through. He's having an extra lecture next Wednesday, even though the quarter is officially over... which is when I'll hand in the final copy. I was very relieved to hear him say after I was done speaking "don't worry about turning it in today, I've seen enough to assign you a grade for the class" which pretty much implies that I passed (by a "grade" he means S or U). I also have to do homework 4 over the summer, which none of us had time to start on during the quarter. (Nor did I actually finish homework 3, but I got at least 80% of it done so I guess that's enough.)

Prior quarters I felt like I was continually sliding under door after door in the nick of time (Indiana Jones style) when homework was due. This quarter it was a bit uglier... more like I got my leg caught in the door and had to gnaw it off to get free. Fortunately, my body has amazing regenerative powers, and I've already regrown my limbs and am yet again safe and sound with everything intact! ;)

The nice thing is, I hit my limit at just the right time, since this will probably be the last class I take for credit. There are two other classes I want to take (General Relativity, and Cosmology) but I've already got more than enough credit--and although I like thinking about homework because I learn stuff from it, I don't actually enjoy writing it out--so I'll probably just audit them. Then again, I wouldn't expect them to be anywhere near as much work as QFT with Howie so maybe it doesn't matter.

I've got a lot more I want to say, but it'll have to wait... we're having a BBQ today and it's just about time to fire up the grill.


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