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So what am I up to now? Here's 10 things I'm currently doing:

1. Planning for Burning Man
I've just started making some concrete plans via phone with some friends on this. Haven't gotten very far, but I at least I have an idea now where I want to camp. Freedomcommunity used to be the largest camp in the largest village in Burning Man, but this year it's so big they're making it into a village itself. So I've narrowed it down to "somewhere in freedomcommunity". According to my friend Marcia, "The Fc people are among the most utterly extraordinary, intelligent, HOT, intentional, smart, sexy, brilliant people I've ever met. If you are interested in participating with these guys, let me know. I PROMISE YOU, you will NOT be disappointed. We know how to throw down." I know enough to trust her judgement on these things, and from the rest that she explained to me over the phone, this is the clear choice for where I should stay. However, I need to figure out how I can contribute. One idea we're tossing around is that I might give a seminar on quantum physics. Actually, I've got at least three seminars in mind, so maybe it could be a series. Roughly, the things I'd like to talk about if I can find people there who are interested in attending: "equivalence of matter and energy", "quantum mechanics: analogies, facts, and myths", "relativity of space and time", and possibly "symmetry and unification". Or maybe I could combine some of these topics. It would be a different experience for me, presenting these to people with no assumed background whatsoever. But probably a good one. I'm not sure how much work it would take to make it both interesting and comprehensible to Burning Man participants without lying or stretching any truths, but I think I'm up for the challenge.

2. Planning fall trip to Georgia
A friend of mine's getting married in October. He lives in Louisiana, but the wedding is in Savannah, Georgia. I was sort of thinking maybe I could fly to Atlanta and then drive there, hence visiting some Georgia Tech people on the way. However, that's looking less feasible for reasons I may explain in a future post. Mostly have the hotel issues worked out now, though.

3. Planning for 10-year high-school reunion
My 10-year reunion is in August, a week before Burning Man. So I'm flying to Florida to attend. I'm quite a sucker for nostalgia. Even though I had very few friends in high-school, and those I had are unlikely to attend, I can't wait to see how everyone turned out. All the people I grew up with are still a part of me in some way, no matter how little or well I knew them. I've laid awake wondering about it too many times not to go.

4. Looking for gift for sister's birthday on Sunday
Haven't started yet, oh dear.

5. Summoned for Jury duty on June 27th.
If it had to happen, I'm glad it happened now and not last month! Should be interesting, but I really hope I don't have to be there for more than one day.

6. Reading up on M(atrix) Theory from various papers
I've been meeting once or twice a week with Tom Banks for the past month or so, and he's been getting me up to speed on the background I'll need for what he wants me to do this summer. Now that I'm reading these papers, what he's been telling me is starting to make a lot more sense.

7. Reading some of Joe Polchinski's 2-volume String Theory textbook
Also preparation for this summer's work, but I'm reading other chapters out of general curiosity.

8. Shopping for more goth/fettish wear
I've been going out more and more to gothic industrial type events. And a new store just opened up, so I want to buy some stuff sometime this week. I'm tired of wearing the same old outfits every time I go out.

9. Surfing
I'm planning on catching some more waves this weekend. Hopefully there will be enough of them, even though it's getting into a bad season for it.

10. Chilling out!
Duh... this is the most important part of any break between quarters. Sleeping in, watching lots of movies, eating junk food. Ahhh.


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