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new job

Well, I'm starting a new part-time job... tutoring kids in math&science online. Well, actually it's almost more like teaching than tutoring since it's based on a virtual classroom with many kids at once; and I have to cover 55 minute lectures on particular topics. This is a nice way to get my feet wet into teaching, since I've never really done it before. Ideally it's easier to teach something if you're there in person, but this way I don't have to deal as much with disciplinary problems, or kids having to go to the bathroom, etc. Not nearly as high pressure. Anyway, I'm going through some training sessions now and observing other sessions... and then I'll go into a phase where they observe me while I'm teaching, and then after that I'll be on my own. Depending on how well I do, they'll start ramping up my hours and it could potentially start paying the bills (wow! that'll be a first in a long time). But for now I'm just counting on it being a cool new experience, and something to occupy my time.


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May. 4th, 2003 10:15 am (UTC)
Well, it went kind of strange for me. I submitted my resume attached to an email with just a brief paragraph describing my situation... that I was trying to find something teaching-related but didn't have much experience and would be starting grad school in another few months. They sent me a couple tests to take to measure proficiency in basic math and such... I filled them out and responded, but never heard back. Then later I tried applying again through the website. I went through the same thing, and again never heard back.

So then I decided to just call... and that was much more successful in getting their attention. They said "oh yeah, I remember you. Sure, let's set up a practice session in a few days and we'll see what you can do." I was shocked at how much easier that was than sending email--and after we did the practice session (where they just had me go through any math problem of my choice, using their whiteboard technology), they said "great, can you start immediately?" And that was pretty much it. So I don't really know what they're looking for. I didn't have any teaching experience, just a college degree (which I don't think is required).

So the morale of the story is... don't count on them getting back to you through email. Definitely call. I suppose this is good advice in general when seeking employment... persistance pays off :)


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