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tutoring experiences so far

In a matter of a couple weeks I've gone from completely unemployed, to working my ass off. Right now, it feels like a good thing.

Within the past 3 days, I've taught a total of 17 online classes... well, some of those I didn't have to do anything for because the student or students didn't show up. The number of students ranged from 1 to 3. Some of it was quite stressful--getting last minute lecture material emailed to an account I can't easily check; dealing with disruptive students or completely apathetic students, or defensive students; trying to encourage students positively who can't solve a single problem out of the sample set. But overall it was a pretty good way to earn a quick $170. If I keep up this rate, I'll be essentially employed full-time. Although I think these past few days were busier than usual.

I started off insisting that I'd teach only math and physics, since those are my strongest subjects. But now I'm teaching reading, english, civics, and soon to be chemistry too. I guess they like me enough that they trust me with anything now :) I was surprsied to find I actually enjoy teaching civics, even though social studies were the classes I liked the least when I was a student.

One of the biggest challenges is being able to constantly switch grade-levels. You have to talk to a 3rd grader completely different from how you talk to a 10th grader. The entire tone of the conversation has to change because their mental development is at a completely different stage.

My fingers have been hurting from typing too much though. I'm behind on email, newsgroups, and livejournal because it hurts to type. This compounded by a wrist injury I have from playing tennis last week. Still not sure how bad that is, or if it will go away soon. But I like being busy, and so far I don't feel like my free-time has suffered too much.


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May. 1st, 2003 12:48 pm (UTC)
Cool. How did you get this "job"? Is there a website?
May. 2nd, 2003 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's http://www.brainfuse.com. If you want more info, click on my journal and look at the thread
titled "new job", it's only a few back from here.
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