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oh, and I almost forgot...

I mentioned this in a friends-only post, but yes... the post I made on April 1st was indeed an April fools joke. Hope you enjoyed it, because I did! I just uploaded a bunch of pictures that show my actual tattoo (not Kid Rock's tattoo--and yes, as amberphlame pointed out, I'm not cut anywhere near as well as Kid Rock himself). See pics below to see the original picture and how it was photoshopped (with Gimp).

Since I'm going to get the rest of it done tomorrow (the color added) I'll just post a link to the Gallery I uploaded them to for now for those who are interested in the halfway-done version:

real tattoo pics, plus original and doctored images--click a couple times for larger images

So in a couple days I should have the color version up.

My favorite reaction I got from the fake tattoo (which was pretty much what I was going for) was from my dear friend Mike:

"You had Barb and I for a few minutes, our mouths agape with disbelief. It
was an impressive photoshop job. Even once I realized what day it was, I
thought you had done some sort of wash-off temporary tattoo.

I've never really understood your thing with Kid Rock in the first place,
and it was almost believable (if horrific) that this had just gotten way out
of hand. Barb asked if you had given up physics for trucking."

Yes, I am a fan of Kid Rock, and yes I did go through a brief phase (circa 1999) where he was my favorite artist, and yes I've listened to his Devil Without a Cause album literally hundreds of times and have many of the lyrics memorized. But no... I certainly would never get a tattoo that says "American Badass" nor do I think that song is anything but recycled crap (the Metallica version was okay, but the Kid Rock version just plain sucks.) My username was kidrock on gehennom mostly because I was drunk at a party and when Jon Beckham suggested it (based on all the newsgroup sigs of mine where I used hilarious/witty lines from Kid Rock songs) as he was setting up my account, I was like "yes, of course! that's the best username ever!" Since then it's kind of grown into a running joke with me, culminating in this April Fools prank.


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Apr. 10th, 2006 06:21 am (UTC)
and it was a good one.
I did question myself (maybe enough time to think through the first split second of seeing it) a good job on the photoshop it was indeed.

Love the acutal tat. though, very you. :p
can't wait to see a pic of the colored finished version.
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