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the holographic principle

x-posted at spoonless and physics

I spent the last 3 or 4 days scrambling to throw this paper together... not for publication, just an essay I wrote for a General Relativity class (he let us do this instead of taking the final, which I figured would give me an excuse to read up on the history of stuff). There are very few equations (and all of them in one way or another just say S=A/4 :), so I think a lot of it might be readable to an undergraduate physics major, or maybe even a well-informed layperson... although there are definitely some parts where I refer to things you've probably haven't heard of unless you've had some graduate school. So I'm not sure what the optimal level target audience is here, probably different people can get different things out of it. Even if you know some stuff about the holographic principle, you may be curious about the specific history. Basically, it went Hawking->Bekenstein->'t Hooft->Susskind->Bousso as far as how it slowly got formulated. Then lots of people jumped in and did stuff with it, only some of which I mention.

A Brief History of the Holographic Principle

Oh, and please take my loose comments at the end with a grain of salt. It represents my own hopes/speculations and way of thinking about it, as opposed to most of it which is a more historical look at it. One thing I intended to add to my speculative remarks at the end, is the possibility that somebody can find a specific "holographic symmetry transformation" on local fields which eliminates the extra degrees of freedom. It goes along with the way I'm talking about it... although I forgot to mention it as I wrote the last paragraph (page) in a haste right before turning it in.


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