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leonard cohen

Holy shit this music rocks!

I don't know if I am just insane today, but this is the best damn music I've ever heard. I weep for the 26 years I've spent not knowing who Leonard Cohen was. I suppose I shouldn't call him my favorite artist yet since I've only been listening to him for approximately one day. But every song I hear just pretty much completes what I feel like I've always been looking for in music. Has my search ended? I suppose only time will tell.

He makes Trent Reznor look like a whiny little brat. He makes John Lennon look like a shallow amateur. He dwarfs even Kurt Cobain, a former favorite of mine from years past. Why have I never even heard his name before? Why have these other artists become so much more famous? Sometimes the world makes no sense.

I found Cohen's music by a strange circuitous route. My favorite album is the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack (before I discovered that, it was the Mortal Kombat soundtrack--not sure why I tend to like soundtracks better than LPs. I guess I feel like they've got more of a consistant theme going), and he happens to have the first song on it--which I already extremely love, but for some reason never bothered to look at who sang it. Then I watched Pump Up the Volume the other day, which was a really cool movie about a pirate radio station that I'd only seen a brief part of before--and it had this captivating song they kept playing throughout it--and the voice reminded me of the one on my beloved Natural Born Killers soundtrack. So while I went to my computer to write in my movies-to-buy list to buy the Pump Up the Volume DVD some time, I decided to try to track down who sang the song. After a few searches for lyrics I managed to locate an mp3, and sure enough it was by the same guy. The song stayed in my head all day yesterday, and now today I downloaded all the rest I could find. And every song I hear just gets better and better.

The main two new artists I've discovered in the past 2 years (and have been listening to the most) are Cruxshadows and Billie Holiday. And the weird thing is, although they are two very different genres (darkwave goth, and jazz vocals respectively) Cohen's music sounds to me like a perfect harmonious synthesis of Cruxshadows and Billie Holiday, or at least of the moods of each. I'm sure this is colored by the recency effect, but it seems ironic that the two I would use to mentally construct him are those two and they happen to be the two most recent I've discovered.

Well, there is no accounting for taste, so you probably think I'm crazy for going off on this. But hey... it's my journal so I'll write what I want :)

Now I want to get a poster of him for my room. And, obviously, all his albums. But I'm fairly hurting for cash now so that might have to wait.


Jun. 9th, 2003 05:38 pm (UTC)
Leonard Cohen indeed rocks. I too am broke as hell, but there's one album in particular I've been jonesin' for... "I'm Your Man"

I have "Various Positions" which is okay, but not as good as the other.

mmmm... love that voice.


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